Solar power plant mounting systems

Szermann Ltd is a Hungarian owned manufacturing, service provider and commercial company.

The company was founded in 2006 with the intention to not only install solar panels as our main profile but to manufacture steel constructions and mechanic products for solar panels as well.

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Initially we solely focused on engineering and consultancy as the manufacturing profile of the company came to the forefront only in 2007. Since then most of our manufactured products are steel products.

These steel products include unique structure halls and solar panel mounting systems as well as other nonbuilding structures. Our 1280m2 floor space manufacturing hall is located in Pécs (Hungary).

Our machinery and technologies are under constant improvement and development.

Support types

2-rows vertical

4-rows horizontal

3-rows horizontal

Szermann Ltd has already been deployed a total of 275MW of solar power plants

The general description of the mounting system

The solar cell mounting structure is constructed of closed and open sections and is designed to have a hot dip galvanized coating according to the EN ISO 1461 standard. The frame positions are allocated every 6m and a support consists of 5×6.0m units. One unit contains 60 solar cells located in two rows. The units can be mounted according to needs and can be shortened if necessary by frame positions, i.e. every 6 meters. The support is placed on a pole foundation. The penetration depth of the poles is to be determined by test loading. The length of the placed poles has to be modified depending on the result of the measurement. The on-site fittings are made with bolted connections. Z-section profile purlins are placed on the support brackets on which a bolted connection is used to mount the solar panels. The field tolerance of the support is 300-500mm per unit.